A very flexible partner, with huge potential to generate insights, delivering entertaining and nice presentations for the public.  (Vodafone)

Beside the fact that it is one of the few research companies which invest in the creative and art industry what I found as being extremely important  was the information received and the presentation manner. Easy to understand and get through, and also easy to implement, an information that led to excellent practical and theoretical ideas.

Unlock came as a natural choice to become our research partner as it is the only company on the market that offers not just research know how, but also advice in translating results into business actions. Unlock motivational, segmentations and positioning surveys helped us in building a strong foundation for our brand, deeply anchored into consumers’ truths.

A research company full of insights, focused on the big picture, with most interesting presentations of reports.

A team of very authentic people, passioned on what they do and proving to have results precisely given this attitude. Their recommendation were very deep, thorough and touching critical issues and helped us define our strategy on the market.

I was always impressed by the way how they can translate the  multitude of consumer information, that you usually get from any research, into clear insights and recommendations. Always doing this with passion, dedication and profound understanding of business issues. Many discoveries provided by Unlock can be found today in the strategic foundations of our brands“.

High involvement throughout the study (B2C and B2B), excellent presentation skills and good engagement with internal stakeholders.

One of the most important projects we have developed together with Unlock was when we investigated the repositioning our biggest and most important brand- Rom.  The challenges of the process were significant, as we had to deal with an ageing No. 1 brand, born in 1964 during the communism,  that we had to make it contemporary and relevant for young consumers as well. So, we needed a strong insight to really connect/bond with people, engage them. Unlock proved their capabilities to dig into consumers minds and habits so that they have proved a deep knowledge of the cultural mind set of the Romanian people and motivations towards the category.
In addition, they have always provided value as business consultants through their
unique capacity to extract the most clear & relevant insights to support brand